Signature 'Brand-Name' Pointed Tweezers

This is a limited time product so purchase while supplies last! 

Caressa Brow Artistry Signature 'Brand Name' Pointed Tweezers are essential for brow enthusiasts, "pluckers", and even lash technicians! The working tips on these pointed tweezers are super sharp and precise. They are sure to remove the finest of hairs to short stubborn hair and even ingrowns! They're also ideal for detail work with lash extensions. These pointed tweezers get their "Signature" title because of the Caressa Brow Artistry logo design that make up a beautiful tribal pattern. Not only are these tweezers attractive, the material is 420C medical grade stainless steel which is highly corrosion resistant.  

Caution: Please use with care when handling.


Be sure to clean implements with alcohol or disinfectant prior to first use.

International Orders: The minimum order amount for ALL international orders is $100USD. Please visit FAQs page for more information about international orders.


*The product's color shown in photo has been enhanced for photography purposes only.